Buse-Ouest is a district in the northwest of Kortaryan. It has a relatively low population and population density. Its temperatures are typically low given its heightened and northerly location. Snowfall is high in winter and winaspring. It is the largest district by area in Kortaryan

Buse-Ouest District is highlighted in blue.

Major Cities

The seat is the centralized city of Marqueseas, which holds the majority of the district's population at 8,764 people. Marqueseas holds the main school in the district, a boarding school that citizens from all over the district need to go to since it is really the only one. Overall, it seems to be a bit of a bigger city than it seems, containing good restraunts, large area, lots of streets, skyscrapers, important buildings, and much more. However, the actual residential population is comparatively low.


Falkersduck Lake is located in the northwest. The majority of the district is desert. Snowy desert. It's empty, dry, and cold, however this dryness sort of escapes during winter when it can snow up to 50 inches, which is a lot. Places like Marqueseas do get snowy as well, but aren't as prone to it as the rest of Buse-Ouest.

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