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Butterscotch is a male bird. He is one of the Great Mage Birds. He’s also the youngest.


Butterscotch is the Mage of Sweets, thus he has a full assortment of sugary tricks up his sleeve. The power he uses the most is his ability to turn things into chocolate. He also has the ability to inflate himself.


Butterscotch was a very energetic bird in his mortal days, and as expected, he absolutely loved candy! Though in the town he was in, anything sugar related was highly looked down upon because of how big it made Birds. Every chance he got he would sneak a few sugary desserts in his beak. They were made by his parents, who made candy in secret. At this time, the pigs were planning a mass attack on all the bird-inhabited places, including Butterscotch’s. He wasn’t fully aware of it though. As the pigs were attacking his home, Butterscotch was strolling around the park. Some would say what he did was stupid, but there he would find something that would change his life. He found a little crystal in the shape of a lollipop. Thinking it was candy, Butterscotch picked it up, and became the 2nd Mage Bird. In the end, the pigs got in a real sticky situation and retreated, leaving Butterscotch to be praised by the townsfolk. Nobody thought that a bird so young would be able to weld such power. Butterscotch actually doesn’t recall how he met the other mages, but now he lives in Charm’s castle.


Butterscotch is still a cute and energetic bird. He’s still so amazed that HE actually became a Mage Bird! Though, being the youngest, he has the least controll over his powers. Sometimes when casting a spell, he would say the magic words wrong and his power goes haywire. Sometimes even casting a spell in general would go wrong. Charm spends a lot of time just training Butterscotch. Despite his lack of knowledge on powers, you shouldn’t judge him when he fights for real. Just like all the Mage Birds, Butterscotch means businesses!


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