Calahan Pele-Kann is a Pelecanus (Pelican) which when tapped will dive in 190-degree angle and destroy anything in its path. He debuted in Dreamland in the game, and appeared in Angry Birds: Bubbles, the Special EditionAngry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier, and Angry Birds: Out of Darkness. He dies at the end of Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier. He is then somehow revived and has many adventures with Holly, who he later falls in love with.


Callahan loves to joke around, maybe too much at times. He can be quiet, but mainly if someone shuts him up. 


The Flock

Callahan gets along with the flock. The Flock and him aren't good friends, but they can work together well.


Hal thinks Callahan can be too talkative at times, but overall he still likes him.


Callahan is friends with Bubbles, although he doesn't engage in his candy eating operations. He usually likes to prank the others with him.


Callahan and Gummi are good friends, and they like to pull pranks on people.


Callahan and Holly are best friends, although later this turns into a romantic relationship. They hang out together most of the time and talk. Callahan was the only person Holly talked a lot to during the events of Angry Birds: Bubbles. Holly and Callahan later have Henry, but mysteriously disappear years later.


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