(This article is non canon to the Squid Timeline, to see the non-evil canon version see, Callahan)

Callahan is a main antagonist that appears in Angry Birds Ultimate: Special. He is only seen as a spirit, and is considered a traitor to the flocks. He is encapsulated in the L.E.C Terrolly Birdimatronic after the events of The spooky Zone!


Callahan is a joke loving bird, similar to his counterpart, but he loves to tell dark jokes and isn't as fun-loving as the main Callahan. He hates the flocks for killing him and wishes to take revenge on them, so he instructs Holly to construct a suit so he can possess it.


Callahan is harsh to everyone, but Holly. He hates everyone, but wants to protect Holly. He is considered a traitor by the Birds, and an enemy by the Pigs.


  • Callahan may have betrayed the Flocks with Holly.


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