General Info
Powers Sucks in five blocks, then sprays ice and fire breath. Must steal enough blocks for the power to work.
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Adventurers

Angry Birds Legends (Second appearance)

Gender: Male
Species: Nobody knows.
Locations: Royal Isle

Piggy Island (Volcano Island)

Strength: Strong (short range
Size: Medium

Cameron is a chill bird that is a chill dude like an ice cube, and has a fiery personality like a spicy chili! No one should mess with this guy. Period.


Cameron was once a normal bird. No one remembers what species he was when he was normal, except that he looked quite like he did now...ish. Soon, the pigs captured him after he joined the Flock and was their lead fighter. The pigs did harsh tests on him, but the worst test that they did was tickling him with a feather for an hour.

Afterward, the scientists said that they were making Cameron "soft" and that it was time to get to business. They tied Cameron to a wall and poured a potion on him. It burned his eyes slightly. It was supposed to make him more angry, then they were going to extract that anger and use it on the pigs. Instead, Cameron suddenly got freezing cold and then fiery hot. He had new powers! The pigs never captured the birds to do experiments on them ever again, for they made the bird they dreaded...Cameron!

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