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Not to be confused with Capt'n Pig

Capn' Pig is a pig from Angry Birds: The Journey Past Piggy Island.

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The Capn' Pig throws Minion Pigs at your birds, but he only has a 25% chance of actually hitting them.


Strategically use The Blues, so a pig can only stop one of those birds, and one of the others might land on the Capn' Pig, but aim a little off, because he fires at the center blue, so the top or bottom blue can hit the Capn' Pig.



  • Takes on a similar appearance to Corporal Pig.
    • Although, its cap is white, and it is not pulled down over its forhead
  • It was previously known as a "he"
  • Can also be called "Captain Pig"
  • I was inspired by a Corporal Pig from an Angry Birds Stella commercial that conatined a Corporal Pig with a white cap
  • He is part of the navy, but he works on land. (somehow)
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