Caramel Bayou
General Info
Release Date: 3 months and 27 days after Honeycomb Waterfall
Levels: 35
Episode Number: 22
Previous Episode: Honeycomb Waterfall
Next Episode: Rice Desert
Game(s): Angry Birds Food Bash!

Caramel Bayou is the 22nd episode in Angry Birds Food Bash.


After a painful boss fight against the birds, the pigs rush across the Honey Streams and end up at Sweet Mountain again, looking for another stream. They fail but fall into a caramel shrub, the birds do the same and end up in Caramel Bayou and meet Cary and Melendez. They fight with their two new recruits.

New Features

  • Honey Physics return, but the honey turned a peachish-brownish-orange color.
  • Caramel Birds, see their page for info.
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