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Cardio is a fan-made, secondary character created by UUnlockedMario. He is King Pig's heart brought to life and the spirit possessing his crown. In the Angry Birds universe, the embodiment of evil is Cardio.

General Info
First Level Appearance:
Gender: Male
Species: Heart/human spirit
Locations: King Pig's crown
Strength: Stronger than all characters combined
Size: Barely larger than a Tiny Pig.


Millennia ago, Cardio was an evil human, and when he died, he returned to Earth as a spirit. He searched objects to possess and came across a crown that would eventually be purchased by Fanboy Monster. When the Master Bomb went off, it blew Fanboy Monster and Cardio from Earth to Sheen. It is eventually revealed that King Pig was working for Cardio the whole time. On King Pig's next plan to steal the eggs, he got heart surgery to get it removedand bring it to life. This was done by Cardio possessing it.


Cardio is short-tempered and arrogant with inflated ego, thinking that he is the most evil of villains. He refers to himself as "The Great Cardio". He is crude and gets enjoyment out of inflicting pain on others. Also, he is obsessed with conquering or destroying the dimension, but it temporarily willing to save it from others threating it because destroying or conquering the demension is "his job". Every time his plans fail, he always blames King Pig for it.


  • He was clearly inspired by Ricardio from Adventure Time.