Carol is a female bird. She's a part of a pop band with her friends Mindy and Nadine.


Carol summons a little bell that can either break glass close to it or stun pigs. It's general use is to break glass, but Carol doesn't mind using it to leave constant ringing in the pig's ears.


Carol has always been a singer, showing up at every bird's door preforming a singing telegram every time she got a chance. So when she heard Mindy's idea of forming a pop band, Carol immediately wanted to get started. To help out Mindy with her singing and Nadine with her dancing, Carol wrote the lyrics to their group's first song. She wanted the lyrics to do with parting, as Nadine seemed to want to do crazy dance moves. Carol also offered to sing backup with Nadine as well. Carol felt like all her dreams were coming true. She and her friends became famous, and now the entirety of the world can hear her sing.


Carol is ambitious and hard-working, especially when she's writing lyrics. She also does hard work actually making the music the lyrics go with. Like Nadine, her newfound fame scares her, but Carol also decides to embrace it while she still has it. Even with her limited schedule, Carol still likes to appear at birds' doors singing songs to make them happy. She isn't exactly a bird who's willing to fight, but if you lay even a finger on her friends, she will go ballistic.


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