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The Chaos Emeralds are a set of seven objects appearing in Angry Birds Epic: Uprising. They play an important role in the game.


Angry Birds Epic: Uprising

At the beginning of the game, Lord Sinensis destroyed the Altar of the Emeralds, and scattered the Chaos Emeralds. Red, with the help of Cherrim, Cosmius, Knight Cookie, King Pig, and Meloetta, as well as the optional Chili Pepper Cookie, sets off on an adventure to collect the Chaos Emeralds and return them to the Altar of the Emeralds.


Magenta Chaos Emerald

The first Chaos Emerald lands near the Cobalt Plateaus. It was found by the Ninja Turnips, who are entrusted by Lord Sinensis to guard it in Dragon Fruit Castle. Red and Cherrim make it through the castle and eventually defeat the Ninja Turnips. Red claims the Chaos Emerald and is uncertain of its purpose.

Cyan Chaos Emerald

The second Chaos Emerald lands in Jurassic Pork on Isla Nuboar. It is guarded by Dr. Bananas in his lab. Red and Cherrim follow Cosmius to the lab, and they eventually come across Dr. Bananas. Red and Cherrim aid Cosmius in defeating Dr. Bananas, and collect the second Chaos Emerald. Cosmius explains its importance, and she joins Red on his quest.

Yellow Chaos Emerald

The third Chaos Emerald is initially located in Japonica Coliseum. Red and his party explore Japonica Desert and eventually find the secret entrance to the coliseum. They later enter the stage; where the Chaos Emerald is located and manage to interrupt Lady Pasta's speech, with hundreds of Citreans watching. Lady Pasta orders some Guard Citreans to defend her, and the boss battle ensues. Although they defeat Lady Pasta, they are soon knocked out by a giant laser.

Red, Cherrim, and Cosmius wake up and find themselves in Deliciosa Prison. After escaping, they eventually make it to Deliciosa Courthouse. It is revealed that the Chaos Emerald has been relocated there, and it was Judge Waffle who imprisoned Red and company. He orders his jury to attack them, and soon gets defeated. Red and the others go to the backroom and obtain the third Chaos Emerald.

Gray Chaos Emerald

The fourth Chaos Emerald lands in the City of Wizards. It is guarded by a corrupted Moonlight Cookie.

Green Chaos Emerald


Blue Chaos Emerald


Red Chaos Emerald


Master Emerald

The Master Emerald is held by Lord Sinensis himself.


  • The Chaos Emeralds are similar to the Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
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