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Charcoal Bird
General Info
Powers Catches on Fire
First Level Appearance: Theme 2-10
Gender: Male
Species: Toucan
Locations: Angry Birds Holiday and Angry Birds vs Bad Piggies
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Charcoal Bird (Also Known as Steve) is a Bird.

Charcoal Bird Corpse Sprite

Corpse (only if power is not activated)


The Charcoal Bird catches on fire and burns through Wood and Glass easily, but once it hits Stone it will become a corspe with no feathers and the stone will start to melt.


Personal Data[]

  • Name: Steve
  • Know Alises: Charcoal Bird
  • Fan Alises: Superheated Bird
  • Group Affiliciton: The Group
  • Known Relatives: Bomb Bird


  • He wears a "Red and Blue Batman costume" and his powers are like Firestorm.
  • He is a hybrid of Bomb, Matilda, and Hal.