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Charm is a male bird. He is a member and the leader of the Great Mage Birds.


Unlike the rest of the Mage Birds, Charm has no specific power. He could use any power he wanted to use. Anger, Speed, Bubbles, Light, any possible power. Which is why Charm only comes to fight when he's really needed, while the other mage birds go out to fight all the time.


Years ago, Charm and the other Mage Birds were just normal old birds. Charm in particular was a very smart bird. He was always the voice of reason among his peers and was also the most serious. He heard many stories about magic, and he was very skeptical of it's existence. It actually made him quite curious if it was real. Long before the more famous 2009 attack, the pigs attacked Charm's homeland and imprisoned the land. This was the point where Charm not only got his mage powers, but became the first of the Mage birds. He found a lone crystal on a log. He went over to look at it, and it seemed to be in the shape of a star, yet another sign of foreshadowing. Once he got a hold of it, he started turning into the Charm that birds know so well today. That's how he was able to fend off the pigs from his homeland. He was praised as a hero! A savior! A god! Charm soon ran away from his homeland though, probably due to the attention he got. He now lives in a castle with the other Mage Birds, but he questions them a lot. How did they get their powers? Did they also get a magic crystal that turned them into who they are now? Charm decides not to think of it much.


Just like he was in his mortal days, Charm is still very smart. He's the one that trains the other mages so their specific powers can get stronger. Charm is mistaken for being female by others and thus is teased for it, but once he reveals his powers to you you'll immediately become silent. Unlike his Mage peers, Charm stays at the castle most of the time studying ancient magical tomes, because he doesn't want to overdo everything with his powers. He only shows up when the birds REALLY need him. Not for something minor like a giant fat pig or King Pig, only when the birds don't have anything left.


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