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Chocolate Revenge
Swiss Entre
General Info
Release Date: Easter 2016 (April)
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 12
Previous Episode: Pig Opera
Next Episode: Dark Times
Game(s): Angry Birds: World

This episode is from the new series Angry Birds: World, it is the twelveth one and the featured location is a Swiss Chocolate Mountain. This episode is from "Angry Bird: World"'s Second Season: Europe.


Looking for King Pig, they find Professor Pig, he activates a machine transforming all Swiss Alps in the Utopian World.

Into the Chocolate Swiss Hills, they find Orange Bird and The Fat Pig, the Birds need to go after King Pig to England, but they will stop the Fat Pig as they can before he eats all Switzerland!

Fat Pig eats them and after fighting into the monster pig, the find the machine and inactivates it, saving all Switzerland and turning it back into a normal land.

One second after they get out the belly of the pig, Fat Pig is sent a lot of kilometers away to space.


Chocolate Alps -1 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Hal (Bird Tutorial: Red, Chuck, Bomb, Hal) (Cutscene: Dr. Pig's Machine)

Chocolate Alps -2 Terence, Terence, Bomb (Bird Tutorial: Terence/Chocolate, Terence/Jelly, Terence/Ice Cream)

Chocolate Alps -3 Terence, Egg, Water (Bird Tutorial: Terence/Cookie, Egg, Water Bird)

Chocolate Alps -4 Red, Terence, Water, Blues (Bird Tutorial: Blues)

Chocolate Alps -5 Chuck, Terence, Egg

Chocolate Alps -6 Bomb, Bomb, Water, Hal

Chocolate Alps -7 Red, Chuck, Bomb

Chocolate Alps -8 Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles (Bird Tutorial: Bubbles) (Cutscene: Bubbles vs. Fat Pig)

Ice Cream Hills -9 Bomb, Red, Bubbles, Egg

Ice Cream Hills -10 Chuck, Bubbles, Red

Ice Cream Hills -11 Bubbles, Terence, Hal

Ice Cream Hills -12 Water, Water, Bomb, Blues

Ice Cream Hills -13 Bomb, Terence, Bubbles, Blues

Ice Cream Hills -14 Egg, Egg, Water, Water

Ice Cream Hills -15 Red, Chuck, Bubbles, Water (Cutscene: Fat Pig is growing)

Ice Cream Hills -16 Red, Red, Chuck

Ice Cream Hills -17 Bomb, Bomb, Terence

Ice Cream Hills -18 Egg, Egg, Water

Ice Cream Hills -19 Blues, Blues, Hal

Ice Cream Hills -20 Chuck, Chuck, Bubbles

Ice Cream Hills -21 Terence, Terence, Water

Jelly Mountain -22 Blues, Egg, Bubbles, Red

Jelly Mountain -23 Bomb, Terence, Hal, Chuck

Jelly Mountain -24 Blues, Bomb, Bubbles

Jelly Mountain -25 Egg, Hal, Red, Terence

Jelly Mountain -26 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Hal, Water, Egg, Bubbles (Cutscene: Fat Pig eats the birds)

Fat Pig -27 Red, Bubbles, Red

Fat Pig -28 Blues, Chuck, Blues

Fat Pig -29 Terence, Terence, Bubbles, Bomb, Red (Cutscene: Turning off Machine)

Alps -30 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Hal, Water, Egg, Bubbles (Cutscene: Saving the Alps)

Playable Characters[]

  • Red Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Terence
  • Boomerang Bird
  • The One Egg (when launched eletrify enemies)
  • The Mightly Eagle
  • Blue Birds
  • Water Bird
  • Orange Bird



  • The Fat Pig is much more fatter and he now can eat anything
    • He is trying to eat all Switzerland when the birds stop him
  • He eats the birds but they defeat him by destroying the Utopian Machine. The Birds just get out of his belly and fight him