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Gender Male
Species Canary
Size Medium
Locations Many levels after Poached Eggs
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Speeding up
Strength Medium
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in "Poached Eggs," Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series.


Chuck's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Chuck is a free spirit and prefers to operate without rules or routines. He longs for challenges and excitement and prefers to focus on the bigger picture. He can be a bit impulsive - while everyone else is still talking, he likes to get out and take action.

Chuck is a very goofy, hyperactive bird. He is constantly fueled with energy and seems as if he always needs to be doing something. He can never stop moving, both in his mind and in body. He tends to be clueless and ignorant at times, and this often will get in the way in dire situations.

Chuck also manages to get very distracted and at times cannot focus on the task handed to him due to things that catch his mind, like a wandering butterfly or even a mirror. This vulnerable part of him is what allows the Bad Piggies to get close to the eggs when he is on watch duty.

Despite all this, Chuck is as invested in protecting the eggs as the other birds are. He is extremely loyal and values the other members of his flock, though he can be easily intimidated when the other birds outdo him in something (which has happened with Jay, Jake and Jim, Bomb, and Terence).

Chuck makes his debut in the original Angry Birds game as the third bird introduced and as a member of the core flock. He first appears in his introduction level, "Poached Eggs 1-16", where he then on appears in all of the following themes as a playable character (excluding The Big Setup, which was entirely dedicated to Hal and Terence).

Chuck also saves Hal in Theme 6-4, where the player must use solely Chuck to pop all the pigs in the level in order to save Hal, who is put into a cage by the pigs.

Chuck is the only bird of the flock to not be rounded/circular in shape.

In very early promotion for Angry Birds, Chuck was shown to be a lot more like Red, having the same feathers, eyebrows, and beak. The only real distinction between the two was Chuck's color and shape. This Chuck was in gameplay trailers, showing that this was initially the design for Chuck that Rovio intended to release. However, Chuck's design was changed to be more unique, and this newer design was used when the game was first released. However, Chuck's old design was still used in the cutscenes (though it has since been fixed to his newer appearance).


Chuck's ability is to increase speed rapidly when the player taps the screen. This makes him a much more versatile character, as he can change direction in case the player shoots a bit off, or reach much farther or higher destinations. In this way, he is often used to access Golden Eggs that are sometimes hidden off-screen.

Chuck also destroys wood effectively, and is known as the "wood breaker", much like The Blues are the "glass breakers" and how Bomb is the "stone breaker". He does do a good job in destroying wood, smashing through multiple shards of it at a time, but at times he can become very weak and ineffective, which is often unexpected to the player. Bubbles can also at times be a much better wood breaker than Chuck.

Chuck cannot break through glass very well, smashing one shard of it and then stopping in his tracks. This is a bit strange, as glass is weaker than wood in the game. However, it is known that Chuck is designed to be effective in destroying wood, so this may explain why.


  • Ayrton Senna is the sixth bird to be based on a real person, the first three being the Developer Birds (based on Peter Vesterbacka, Jaako Iisalo, and Serdar Soganci), Freddie Mercury being the fourth and Slash being the fifth.
    • Senna is also the second bird to have his character modeled on Chuck, the first being Freddie Mercury. They are also the only birds made in tribute to deceased people (Freddie died in 1991 and Senna died in 1994).
  • The reason why you have to win 41 races as Senna to get his helmet is because this is the same number of victories the real Ayrton Senna had during his Formula One career.
  • When he turns into a corpse, Chuck rolls like a ball, even though his body is a cone.
  • In the early cutscenes before the Birdday update of Angry Birds, Chuck was the same size as the Blues along with having a similar design to Red but was later on changed to his normal appearance.
  • Chuck has astraphobia, a great fear of thunder, shown in Thunder Chuck.
  • As revealed in the Angry Birds 2 website, Chuck can run up to 100 mph, and sometimes faster.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Chuck is shown to be left-handed. This can be proven by various things he does with his left hand such as painting with it, raising it, and more. This can also be proven in the AMC promotion and the Regal Crown Club promotion, where he holds the cards and other items with his left hand.
  • Chuck is a little different in the bonus levels of Rocket Rumble in Angry Birds Rio. He has a big fire arrow hanging under his body and he wears pilot glasses. When he is launched, he starts to spin around while flying and he will fly very fast to the direction that his arrow is pointing at when the screen is tapped. The arrow wrecks everything it hits and will finally explode in the same way as normal firework does.