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General Info
Powers Releases the small birds in various locations and exploding
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Greater AntiLlean Bullfinch
Locations: Dimensions
Strength: Strong
Size: Small

Bomb, The Clusterbomb Bird is a bird that first appeared in Angry Birds Dimensions. This coming year, he will be reappearing in a new game in early 2013.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dimensions Powers[]

Ever since alteration, Bomb(when tapped), with his enhanced eyesight, can track down the strongest pigs alive and explode with it.

Retribution Powers[]

Ever since alteration, the tiny Black Birds locate a pig and then seek them and then explode. Although their explosions are not very powerful, they can still pop a pig. Afterwards, as usual, Bomb explodes - sometimes with fatal consequences.



Ever since alteration, he has bigger eyes and is smaller than the normal Black Bird, but still packs quite a punch. He now also has a construction hat on the top of his feather.

Retribution Appearance[]

His appearance hasn't changed ever since Dimensions, except that he now has a gravity field which holds two smaller Black Birds on either side of him and a third one under him.


  • Originally, in Angry Birds Dimensions, his power was, if tapped, he would go to the selected tapped target and explode there upon impact.
  • Ever since alteration, Bomb has ALWAYS kept his mouth open.
  • The tiny Black Birds don't have the feather on their head.