Cookie Blocks are a block type in the Angry Birds games.

Two Minion Pigs in a fortress made out of cookie blocks.


These blocks are very fragile and are about two fifths of the durability of ice/glass. They tend to crumble if destroyed, which is easy to do.


  • Red, does moderate damage.
  • Chuck, does slightly more efficient damage than Red.
  • The Blues, does moderate damage.
  • Bomb, destroys it efficiently, especially when exploding.
  • Matilda, ineffective.
  • Matilda's egg bombs, destroys it efficiently.
  • Hal, destroys it moderately-efficiently.
  • Terence, does slightly more efficient damage than Chuck.
  • Bubbles, extremely effective, destroys it like a hot knife through butter.
  • Stella, does moderate damage.
  • Stella's bubbles, the cookie will often crumble in the bubbles due to their low durability.
  • Silver, one of the least effective bird in the game when it comes to cookie blocks.
  • Mighty, destroys it efficiently.
  • Water, automatic destruction.


Use Bubbles and Bomb against them as they are the most effective birds against it. If there is water in the level, use your birds to topple it into it. You can also use Stone and TNT against it.

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