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Quotation1 Oh my God! I CAN SEE EVERYTHING! Quotation2
— Corrupig, panicking

It's obviously a little bit weird to see this pig on the field, especially when you see him stare lasers at the birds.

Attack pattern

Red eye

His red eye will shoot slow firing lasers at the birds, which prevents any melee birds from getting him.

Once he's hurt, it starts firing faster and faster, to the point that it doesn't even fire at all!(of course, when severely injured)

This attack just encourages players to use ranged or stealth based birds.

Green eye

Often a close range tool, his green eye will incinerate any nearby birds that threaten to pop him.

This attack, unlike the laser, is used to prevent players to simply fling into him, as this his his upper hand(or should we say... Eyeball).

Unlike the red eye, it only gets disabled when severely injured, due to the abundance of Fire rate. Players can take advantage of his up close weapon by tricking him to burn wood defenses, which suprisingly cannot be taken out by water!


  • He's based off of The Corruption, and The twins, respectively.
  • The Red eye's attack is similar to Retinaizer's laser attack, while the green eye is similar to Spaznatism's flamethrower.
  • Oddly, his artwork is a reworked version of Crimpig's art.
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