Cow Bird
General Info
Powers Drops Milk
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: 50% Cow, 50% Bird
Locations: None
Strength: Bomb Bird Medium Explosion
Size: Bigger than Big Brother Bird, Smaller than blown up Orange Bird

The Cow Bird looks the same as Big Brother Bird. His appearence in games is unknown for now. But it is possible he will be seen with a bell on him.


  • Most Birds (Mostly Blue Birds) mistake him as a REAL they try to get milk from him...
  • A Pig once mistook him as a real cow...he got a milk bottle full of milk tied to a balloon...the milk went squirting at him and it hurt him! Do not mistake him as a real cow! He gets angry!
  • His egg is a normal white egg, with a large black spot.


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