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General Info
Powers Releases 4 fireworks
First Level Appearance: Slingshot Stealers level 4
Gender: Male
Species: 50% Bird, 50% Crate
Locations: Many
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Boomer, more commonly known as Crate Bird, is a new bird in the shape of a TNT crate.


He is very, very, very, very, very angry, not for the eggs but because the pigs made him construct all of the buildings, until Hal the Boomerang Bird escaped. Boomer was captured with Hal too, but he ran another way.


  • Name: Boomer
  • Known Aliases: Crate Bird, TNT Bird, Firework Bird, Box Bird, Boxy
  • Friends: Bomb, Hal
  • Likes: Fireworks, Nighttime, New Years, other Crates
  • Dislikes: Pigs, Huge masses of water

Noises, Details and Effects[]

  • Pullback Noise: Huuuuurp!
  • Launch Noise: WEEEEEEEEEH!
  • Tap Noise: *Firework Sound*
  • Corpse Noise: *cracking of wood*
  • Hit Particles: Pieces of Wood
  • First Appearance: Slingshot Stealers 5-1


  • He does not explode, which is ironic because he looks like something that CAN explode.
  • He works better in semi-enclosed spaces.
  • He has no space form yet.