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Criss, The Crazy Bird is a new bird appearing in a new game in early 2013. He is not, however, a member of The Altered Flock, but a member of another new flock.


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Powers And Abilities[]

Criss has the ability of creating a crazy spinning force field around him upon impact or when told to do so. His force field can be upgraded to make it more powerful, however this can be changed in the Upgrades menu. By being upgraded, he can summon a swarm and shoot huge laser beams!


Anger Mismanagement[]

Description Instead of being calmed down, he is now even crazier! His force field is now bigger in size and spins in a circular pattern before he unleashes his force field of doom.

Bird Of Lunacy[]

Description: His force field ability has now gone and is replaced by a deadly rain of Minion birds which dart through materials and pigs!

Lord Of Madness[]

Description: His minions now swarm around him while he now creates a minor earthquake upon hitting the ground.

God Of Insanity[]

Description: His insanity is now too much it overflows! He now erupts into a bomb of lasers upon impact and commands his minions after disintegrating and causes an earthquake for 5 seconds.