Dairy Island is the 24th episode in Angry Birds Food Bash.

Dairy Island
General Info
Release Date: 5 months and 2 days after Rice Desert
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 24
Previous Episode: Rice Desert
Next Episode: TBA
Game(s): Angry Birds Food Bash!


The pigs have reached the limits of rice desert and find a boat. They try to sail back to Piggy Island but end up on Dairy Island, an island entirely made out of dairy products. The birds find this island and use a slingshot to get there.


The pigs get badly harmed and get on the boat to sail back to Foodbash, thinking its Piggy Island. The birds get their slingshot to aim for Foodbash and land somewhere new on the Island

Note: This isn't the final episode as more are coming soon.

New Features

  • Cheese strips, act bouncy, but are very flexible.
  • Cheese slices, if a bird goes through one hole, he/she will come out the other at high speed.
  • Ice cream, if you destroy the cone, the cream will explode and melt
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