Daisy is a female minion pig that appears in Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier. She has no special abilities.


She loves the smell of daisies and that is mostly her diet. Other than grass, she enjoys no other plant and despises eggs. She was mysteriously found in the deep areas of Egg Woods, and after growing, she began telling stories. Stories of dangerous creatures she called Birds. This scared others to stay away from the forest, but she wanted to befriend the birds, but failed. But she succeeded with one bird. She has a horrible sense of humor and is disliked by most pigs because of that.


She has not that many pig or bird friends as both sides consider her an enemy, but she has two friends. Iggy, and a bird named Skyler. She and Iggy are good friends, but still, she fears him due to his lack of mind power.

On the other side, she is also friends with Skyler, they are great friends and meet every other day. But they have to be careful because if the Birds or Pigs find out, she will be disliked even more.


  • She is the second Angry Birds related-thing made that is not his design, the first is Skyler.
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