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Danger at Sea
Bermuda Triangle Entre
General Info
Release Date: February 21, 2017
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 22
Previous Episode: Mirror
Next Episode: Not a Penguin at All
Game(s): Angry Birds: World

This episode is from the new series Angry Birds: World, it is the twenty second one and the featured location is Bermuda Triangle. This episode is from "Angry Bird: World"'s Fourth: Islands. It's the most difficult level of the game.


The Geyser in Australia explodes, and Red, Yellow, Black, Boomerang, the Egg, Blue Birds, Orange Bird, Stella, Hawk, Ice Bird and King Pig are launched far away.

They are thrown far away to Bermuda Triangle, a dangerous place with Dangerous creatures, there, the Pigs are powerful, their powers are worst and the King Pig has no direct of ruling the Triangle Pigs, because they serve to Octopig.

They meet Atomic Bird and King Pig joins the birds to find a way to escape from Bermuda Triangle!

Playable Characters[]

  • Red Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Terence
  • Boomerang Bird
  • The One Egg
  • The Mightly Eagle
  • Blue Birds
  • Orange Bird
  • Stella the Pink Bird
  • Ice Bird
  • Hawk
  • Matilda
  • Atomic Bird
  • King Pig


  • First Level to King Pig join the Flock!
    • King Pig has the same power as Terence.
  • Atomic Bird dèbuts in this episode
  • It's the Hardest Level
  • To defeat Octopig, you have to use all Birds, the Egg, The Mightly Eagle and the King Pig.
  • Fire Bird, Sensei Bird, Rain Bird and Water Bird are left behind at Sidney.