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Dark Bird
General Info
Powers Turns part of structure to stone
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Purple Cardinal, Black Bird's Brother
Locations: Many
Strength: Normal-Strong
Size: Normal

Dark Bird (A.K.A Grave Bird or Stone Killer) is a bird that will turn part of the structure to stone, as well as the pigs..


  • In Angry Birds Nightmare, Dark Bird meets his brother, Black Bird and they work together to destory Nigel and also Save the Birds and eggs.
  • He is a villain in some games.
  • He is an enemy in Angry Birds RPG 2: Pig Takeover. They are led by a Giant Dark Bird, who has the ability to put victims into terrifying hallucinations, and he does just that to The Flock (along with thier Pig Partners Sig & Sigette). After seeing horrifing visions of the Devil Pig, The Flock do battle with the Giant Dark Bird. Thier hallucinations fade after Giant Dark Bird is defeated.