Dave is an artificial intelligence that acts as the guide for Henry and his friends. He is first introduced in the episode, A Wayfinder, and Callahan's Voice claims Piggy made him. Secretly, Dave was actually Malice's digital appearance.


Dave is a holographic image that is projected from a hologram pad. Dave himself is a pixelated cloud with eyes similar to the Cirrocumulus. He has white eyes and a ever smiling mouth.


Dave claims to have been made shortly after the events of Angry Birds: Out of Darkness, when Piggy realised that a evil was coming, although Sarah doesn't believe him.


Dave is friendly and kind. He seems to want to help the Birds and stop the coming evil.

Secretly, he was Malice tricking the Birds from the beginning.


Henry's Friends

Most of Henry's friends, including Henry, don't fully trust him, but do like him.


Sarah is suspicious of him, because of his appearance and intentions. Henry tells her to relax as Callahan wouldn't lie.


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