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Deadly Dessert is the twelfth episode of Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy. There are forty normal levels, four Space Egg levels and one trophy level.


This is an Insanely hard episode. It has 6 insanely hard levels like Icy Caves, namely 12-9, 12-14, 12-29, 12-35, 12-39, and T-12. Besides, levels 12-8, 12-15, 12-25, 12-26, 12-32, 12-34 are also very hard in the episode. This episode has 4 Hell's Clusters: 12-4 to 12-7, 12-17 to 12-19, 12-22 to 12-29 (12-24 is only easy level in this cluster.), and 12-34 to 12-36. This is the hardest episode in an entire game. (Subject to Minefield Mayhem.) All pages in this episode are hard.

First Page[]

The first page contains 10 levels. This page is hard-very hard. Level 12-4 to 12-9 are all hard or above levels. 12-1 is the another hard level. Leftover levels are easy-very easy.

Level Type Difficulty
12-1 Classic Hard
12-2 Classic Very easy
12-3 Classic Considerably easy
12-4 Boss Hard
12-5 Boss Hard
12-6 Boss Hard
12-7 Boss Hard
12-8 Classic Very Hard
12-9 Boss Insanely hard
12-10 Classic Easy

Second Page[]

The second page contains 11 levels. This page is hard since there are some incredibly difficult levels, but the last two levels are very easy.

Level Type Difficulty
12-11 Classic Medium
12-12 Classic Easy
12-13 Classic Considerably easy
12-14 Boss Insanely hard
12-15 Boss Very hard
12-16 Classic Easy
12-17 Boss Hard
12-18 Boss Considerably hard
12-19 Boss Hard
12-20 Classic Very easy
12-21 Classic Very easy

Third Page[]

The third page contains 8 levels. This page is very hard since all levels (except 12-24) are hard.

Level Type Difficulty
12-22 Classic Hard
12-23 Classic Hard
12-24 Classic Easy
12-25 Boss Very Hard
12-26 Boss Very hard
12-27 Classic Hard
12-28 Classic Hard
12-29 Boss Insanely Hard

Fourth Page[]

The last page contains 11 levels and one trophy level. This page is insanely hard. This page contains three insanely hard levels and three very hard levels. Else can be difficult. (except 12-30, 12-33, 12-38 and 12-40) 

Level Type Difficulty
12-30 Classic Considerably easy
12-31 Classic Medium
12-32 Boss Very hard
12-33 Classic Very easy
12-34 Boss Very hard
12-35 Boss Insanely hard
12-36 Boss Insanely hard
12-37 Classic Considerably hard
12-38 Classic Medium
12-39 Boss Insanely hard
12-40 Classic Medium
T-12 Boss Insanely hard