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Angry birds punisher preparing for war by coryhate-d5k28fx-1-

Death Punisher Bird getting ready to kill all pigs

Born in hell, Death Punisher Bird is the ultimate killing machine. Bird was born in hell after a freak accident with a hell particle and a bird. They fused and formed Death Punisher Bird. Unlike other hell inhabitants, he was not evil but neutral so he went to the other birds. Despite being a bird he did not fit in well because he was netural and the birds were good, so he lives on his own. Now the Hell is mad at him because he belongs in hell but is not there.

Special Skills[]

Killing all the pigs with his variety of weapons

Weapons include: Shotgun, Rapid-fire Gun, Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Grenade, Bullet Throw


Death Punisher Bird needs no friends, he can kills all without any help, a 1 bird army.

In the sequel angry bird, in hell: satan's revenge he can play in multi player mode against other birds to see who is the strongest of the strong


Death Punisher Bird is the strongest bird, strengths include shooting, lots of guns, riot gear, and hellbullets.

Bird can collect various powerups to do more

Angry Power - Bird gets mad and does more damage for some time

Skull Shield - Bird holds shield up and the enemys reflect from the shield

Super Armor - It's armor so you take less damage

Hell Armor - It's like super armor but you take even less damage

Death - Bird is super charged with the power of death, 10x damage and you are invincible


First game is named after himself: Death Punisher Bird. in this game you are a single player facing off against pigs from Hell, who have come to defeat the birds. All the birds are too weak against the pigs except one bird, Death Punisher Bird. After a lot of levels and intense combat he defeats the final boss and the game ends. There are lots of secrets and achievements in this game.

The sequel is angry bird, in hell: satan's revenge. It is more extreme than the last game, catering to a more mature audience. You can play a single player game, where Satan Pig attempts to get revenge for losing in the last game. You defeat him and win again, except with even more secrets and achievements. You can also play online against other birds to have a lot of fun.


  • bang bang bang (gun sound)
  • boom (explosion sound)
  • confirmed kill (kill a weak pig with a power ful gun)
  • 1 shot 1 kill (kill a pig with one shot)
  • double kill (two klls at once)
  • triple kill (three kills at once!)
  • dominating (kill a lot of pigs without getting hurt)
  • EASTER EGG: his secret weapon is the ABG 5000, this is a reference to Doom