Deep Fried Volcano is the 20th episode of Angry Birds Food Bash.
Deep Fried Volcano
General Info
Release Date: 4 months and 12 days after Cheeseburger World
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 20
Previous Episode: Cheeseburger World
Next Episode: Honeycomb Waterfall
Game(s): Angry Birds Food Bash!


The pigs are lost in a field of burgers but smell something greasy. They look at a Deep Fried Volcano and rush towards it unaware it was going to erupt. The birds eventually find the pigs and prepare to fight

New Features

  • Oil Geysers, Grass and Fries, view below for info…
    • Oil Geysers, if hit by a bird, it will shoot out oil into the air.
    • Grass, if hit by oil, it will shoot out fries into the air.
    • Fries, strong like Terence. Their HP is about the same as Foreman Pig and a Small Pig combined. Will give 1750 points if destroyed.


  • The science behind the fries is that the soil is rich in rather large potatoes, that get burned enough to blast themselves into the air. Because of gunpowder minerals.
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