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Doode Horse Assult is the third Angry Birds Doodle game.


The Birds were hanging out with there doodle counterparts.  All of a sudden a normal horse came out.  It told the birds they could have free rides!  The birds and the doodles all went on the horses.  Except one normal Angry bird and Doodle bird stayed there.  The horse then turned into a doodle horse and attacked the birds and took them to the Horse world.  The Horses locked up each type of bird in a seperate cage.  The two birds left and went into the horse world and saved the worlds and the birds and doodles. Then, in an extra episode, you go against the King Doodle Horse and an army of Helmet Doodle Horses. When you beat King Doodle Horse, all Doodle Horses are transformed into regular horses and the birds and horses live happily ever after. The end?

Free Play Mode[]

There is a free play mode where you go back to defeated levels and play as unlocked birds. You can get more Golden eggs that way.

Doodle Horse Mode[]

There is a Doodle Horse Mode which is unlocked by beating the game in Story and Free Play. In this version of the game, the horse keeps on running and you play level to level. The point is to run to the Horse World and lock the birds up. But every once in a while, the two surviving birds will try launching items at you, and sometimes they will launch themselves.



Angry Bird's appearence.