Drama Pig (actual name Heather) is a female pig.


Heather never had any real involvement with the bird/pig war. She was just one of the few pigs that were left alone to wander around Pig City. However, she hated how the birds always won, how they all got along so well. So then she began doing something that soon gave her the nickname "Drama Pig". She tried making propaganda pictures to make the core flock question each other and their intentions. It worked for a bit, until Red realized it was all fake. After that failure, she got angry, and she started making up stuff and posting it online. Unlike those simple pictures, her posts are much more damaging to the bird's reputations. Bad enough to make the birds fight each other. She would even go as far as to make it look like it was all true. Most of the time it doesn't work, but other times it does, and it's always the flock leaders responsibility to stop it all. Heather still continues to do this. As long as the birds are still together and fighting, Heather will still be posting.


Heather is not a nice pig at all and she's hard to approach. She's usually busy on her phone talking trash about the birds. Some pigs say she's just jealous of the birds' successes, but Heather denies it. She wants to see the birds get in a fight over the fake news she posts, because she thinks it would be funny to look at. The birds don't know it's her, but the might find out soon enough..


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