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Dread Pirate Red 'Stache
General Info
Powers Fires cannonballs to intercept your birds
First Level Appearance: Starboard to Snort Level 4
Gender: Male
Species: Sus Scrofa Domesticus
Locations: *Starboard to Snort
Strength: Lots
Size: Medium


Dread Pirate Red 'Stache is the captain of Porktuga. It's unknown why exactly he became a pirate, but you have to figure it out in Angry Birds: Epic


Use any bird, but you should wait to fire right after the cannonball passes by because that gives you the most time to attack him before he fires the next cannonball.


Coming Soon!


  • His name is based on how he has a red mustache
    • 'Stache is short for "Mustache"
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