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Dry King Pig
General Info
Powers Throwing bones
First Level Appearance: Red Planet-30 (cutscene)
Gender: Male
Species: Pig skeleton
Locations: Rare
Strength: Strong
Size: Large

Dry King Pig is the undead, skeletal version of King Pig who first appeared in Angry Birds 2. He was accidentally created by the birds when they defeated him in his machine when it fell into the lava. This left Moustachio to be the temporary leader of the bad piggies. He is fought as the boss of World 10 as the penultimate boss. He appears again in World 8-King Pig's Castle where Prince Pig is seen with his brother's skeleton and a giant pot, throwing the bones into the pot and King Pig reverting to his original form, albeit larger.


While not as vile and despicable as Chef Cochon, Dry King Pig is more sinister than his living counterpart. His voice is also more menacing.


As mentioned above, Dry King Pig is the skeletal form of King Pig. His eyes are empty sockets with glowing yellow pupils. For some reason, his crown is now bronze with red gems.


Apperances by Date
Title Role
Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs Boss
Angry Birds Space Boss
Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Eight Elements Cameo
Angry Birds Mario Dry Bowser Pig
Angry Birds Kart Cameo
Angry Birds Food Bash! Boss
Angry Birds: Yo, King Pig! Why'd You Kill Our Garbage?!! Boss
Angry Birds RPG: Oogielove Saga Minor Protagonist
Angry Birds Kart 2 Unlockable Playable Character
Angry Birds Time Boss


  • He is blatantly based on Dry Bowser, Bowser's skeletal alter-ego from the Mario franchise.