Eccentria (or sometimes referred to as Scarlet Bird) is a bird created by ButterBlaziken230. She is an excitable bird who is good at hyping up a crowd.


Eccentria is shaped like a triangular bird. She has two eyes with really long eyelashes to the side. A long wavy bolt of hair lies on her head. She also has a shooting star tattoo, featuring the star bolting up into the sky.

In her Egg-Centria form (which is used by the pigs in Excited Flock), she is mostly green and has a snout instead of a beak. She also has no visible mouth, but can talk. Her star tattoo is a pig tattoo when she becomes Egg-Centria.


Rap Birdz

In Rap Birdz, Eccentria is the main character. She learns lessons from several different people such as Question Box Bird and Garretto to try and retrieve the eggs that some bandit pigs stole. To start, she gets fit at Avocado Bird’s gym. Next, she builds a slingshot with the help of Lumberjack Piggy to knock down the castle. After destroying the castle, she goes to look for the eggs, but it rolls into a bakery, causing her to chase it. Then, the bandit pigs get the eggs again and she infiltrates another pig base with the help of Question Box Bird.

The Crazy Query Show

In Excited Flock, which is an episode of the Crazy Query Show, Eccentria gets captured by the pigs. Due to some advanced technology, she transforms into Egg-Centira. Egg-Centria attempts to steal the eggs, but due to flaws in the technology, eventually returns to her usual form and joins the flock.

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