Echo Bird (also known as Dane) is a brown bird that has the ability to create a barrier he calls the "Echo Circle" that destroys anything it touches for seven seconds.



Echo is a brown bird with light brown feathers on his chest and around his eyes. He has three feathers on top of his head and four black tail feathers.


Loud But Can Be Quiet . Energetic , Sensitive And Shy

"Echo Circle"

Can Destroy Anything In An Instant!


When Dane Was Minding His Own Business , Pigs Found Out He Is Strong With His "Echo Circle" So. They Caged Him And Treated Him Like Some Sort Of Poor Baby. Fortunately He Was Able To Get Out And Started Injuring Every Pig In Sight.

Relation Ship

Elict - Elict Is Apart Of Dane's Flock "The Rare Flock" They met Once In Piggy Island While Dane Is Actually Getting Revenge On The Pigs For Torturing Him.

Tally - Tally Is Nervous Around Dane. When They Met Once In Bird Island. Dane Just Unexpectedly Found Tally And Recruited Her.

Blake - Dane Can Be Annoyed By Blake's Pranks, But Dane Thinks That Blake Can Be Useful Aswell! So Dane Decided That Blake Is In Charge For Protecting The Ancient Gem On Diamond Island.

Spade - Spade Was Only Wandering Around Diamond Island. When Dane Finally Found Him In Diamond Beach, Spade Shown His Abilities To Dane. Dane Decided To Recruited Him To The Flock!

Crash - Crash Was Hiding In Diamond Forest When Suddenly He Was Found By Blake. He Was Shy At First But Is Now Very Confident. He Doesn't Like Blake's Pranks Very Much! He Gets Angry Very Easily.

Daniel - Now You Might Be Saying. " Who The Heck Is Daniel? " Well Look At The Last Thing In Dane's "Trivia" As You Probably Know. Daniel Is A Corrupted Edition Of Dane. They Met On Diamond Island When Red Set Them Up. Daniel Was Pulled Back From Reality By Red And Chuck.

Chuck - Dane Is A Good Friend Of Chuck. But Dane Doesn't Chuck's Strong Ego..

The Blues Dane Likes The Blues But When It Comes To Blake And The Blues Pranking People. Dane Would Try To Get Them To Stop.

Red - Red Is A Good Friend Of Dane But Red Doesn't Like To Listen To Dane That Much And Calls Dane His "Colleague"

Detray - Detray Is The Good Son Of Spade, Detray Likes To Call Dane His "Uncle" Since Dane Is A Good Friend Of Spade. But He Likes To Babysit Detray Sometimes But Detray Can Be Quite A Work.



  • He Was The First Fanon Bird (GestroGames441[1]) Created
  • He Is The Third Bird In The Category "Brown Birds"
  • Neda/Daniel Is A Corrupted Version Of Dane.
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