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Egbert is a bird made by ButterBlaziken230, classified as the Eggshell Bird. He first appears in Angry Birds: Infinite as an unlockable bird from Figmint’s shack for 2000 Bird Bucks. He starts off as an egg but breaks out into his usual form.


Egbert’s body is a hard thing to describe as he’s usually stuck inside of his eggshell. He has a round body shape like Red and a face placement similar to Bomb. His feather on his head is in a split path shape. Egbert’s body is usually protected by the egg he was born in. Due to being raised poorly, he doesn’t have the strength to leave it.


Egbert was born to abusive parents who he was terrified of. His mother was a rude middle aged woman (people like her are called the slang term Karens in the real world) and his father lashed out at him all the time. While they fought, Egbert would hide in his shell, only to be made fun of by his parents. One day, his mother killed his father and then took her own life in a murder-suicide. Egbert was sent to an orphanage and Figmint saw the bird was talented. He picked up the bird and gave him a place to live and a job. One day, bandit piggies came to rob the shop. Figmint noticed that Egbert was taking them out. Figmint had the idea to sell Egbert to warriors who needed help defeating the pigs.

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