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Egg Road is the ninth, final, and optional chapter of Angry Birds RPG: Legend of the Seven Eggs. On Piggy Island and all the other locations in the Angry Birds series, when someone sees a shooting egg they get to wish fore something. When the wish is made it gets converted into an egg and when the egg lands on Jibberland, the wish comes true, whithout the seven eggs, no dreams come true so the birds must find the seven eggs and take them to the stairway to Egg Road. When the birds defeat King Orange, he hands over the last egg pieceand is revealed he got posessed by a "turtle thingy". And when the birds get the last egg piece peace is restored to Jibberland and all dreams come true.

Egg road

Egg Road before it was attacked and after peace was restored.

Egg Pieces[]

The seven Egg Pieces are what makes Egg Road work the way it does. When the Orange Organization invaded Jibberland, they shattered Egg Road to make no dreams come true. After the birds defeat their leader the last star piece is

Egg road being attacked

Egg Road being attacked.

there and peace returns to Jibberland.

Orange Egg[]

The Orange Egg is the first egg piece of Egg Road. It is located in Chapter 1: Beginner Hills and is guarded by Scarebro, and a member of the Orange Organization. When Scarebro is defeated he hands ovr a key that opens a cage containing Chuck and when Chuck is free he and Red go get the egg piece.

The seven eggs

The Seven Egg Pieces to Egg Road

Purple Egg[]

The Purple Egg is the second egg piece. It is located in Chpter 2: Weapon Factory and is guarded by King Pig???, a robot built by the Orange Organization to destroy the birds. When it is defeated, it blows up and the purple egg appears. Red, Chuck, and Matilda then go get it.

Red Egg[]

The Red Egg is the third egg piece. It is located in Chapter 3: Sky Garden and is guarded by Queen Worm, who isn't a member of the Orange Organization. When she is defeated, she and her worms return back to normal. The birds and her than have a short conversation and hands ovet the birds the egg piece to the birds.

Indigo Egg[]

The Indigo Egg is the fourth egg piece. It is located in Chapter 4: Flying Ship and is guarded by Bhoozuo, who is actually the leader of his own organization, the Crime Crew. When he is defeated, he hands over a key that unlocks a cage containing the Blues. When Bhoozuo was just defeated, he falls off the ship and an explosion can be heard, assuming that he died. Then, his mask comes flying back up and the fall back down. The birds go get the egg piece.

Green Egg[]

The Green Egg is the fifth egg piece it is located in Chapter 5: Plant Kingdom and is guarded by Plant King. Just as the birds thought Al would be somewhere, he wasn't. When the Plant King is defeated the plant princess appears and the king then spits out the egg piece.

Blue Egg[]

The Blue Egg is the sixth egg piece. Just as the birds thought it would be in Chapter 6: King Pig's New Castle, it was in Chapter 7: Dance Studio. At least they saved Al. When the birds got to the top floor they had to face "The Wall" and they defeat the wall and get the egg piece........until a mouse-like creature swoops in ant takes the egg, the birds need to fight the mouse to get the egg back.

Yellow Egg[]

The Yellow Egg is the seventh and final egg piece to egg road. It is located in Chapter 8: Orange Castle and is held by King Orange. The birds must explore the castle, fight the in-commands of the Orange Organization, and defeat King Orange. When the birds find King Orange, they will fight him in phase 1/2, after he is defeated, the true villain is revealed as posessing King Orange and serves as final boss phase 2/2 and when he is defeated, he will blow up and the egg piece will appear. The birds then take the eggs to Egg Road and peace returns to Jibberland and (King) Orange goes back to normal.