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Ender Induty is a partnership company aimed to help smaller companies, or AAA-styled video games company to achieve better audience and popularity.

Ender Induty did a lot of work with Microsoft and Mojang before.

They turned out to help Rovio now.

Ender Induty will be separated of Allan-Stark Industries anytime in the future, but before the end of this year. Do not ask me anything about it, i won't respond.


  • 1999: Creation of Company, aimed to help Microsoft
  • 2001: End of Microsoft Contract
  • 2002: Company on Hiatus
  • 2009: Company is now out of Hiatus and started helping out Mojang
  • Late 2009: End of Mojang Contract
  • 2010: Partnered with Rovio

Contract with Rovio will end toward 2016, to switch on with Konami


  • WaryLouka - CEO, Chairman, Owner, Creator, Donut Eater and Fighter.

We are recruiting! Send WaryLouka a message and we'll look toward your request. Make sure you already have reputation and have talent in graphics. If you ain't got anything, your job will have a smaller rank than you can expect.