Enrique and Isabella is an American TV animated spin off series based off the TV series Tiffany: Adventures on Colorful Island the first spin off series The Hatchlings of Colorful Island.

This spin off is set to publish on Tiffany Fisher Artist YouTube on January 4, 2020.

Enrique and Isabella will be like a sitcom but an animated series with laughter in the background. 

This upcoming third spin off in 2020 will have you laughing your butt off as humor occurs with laughter in the background..  

Enrique and Isabella is to be released to Tiffany Fisher Artist YouTube on January 4, 2020..


Adventures of a male bird and a female hatchling who does father / daughter things together.


Enrique (voiced by Enrique Zuniga Jr)

Isabella (voiced by Enrique Zuniga Jr)
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