Evil Red Bird
Evil Red Bird
General Info
Powers None, he acts as a pig
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Cardinal
Locations: Many
Strength: Strong
Size: Normal

Evil Red bird is a bird that is the rival of Red Bird. He is on the side of the pigs. He is a boss in all AB games with him in it. In Angry Birds Epic 2 (Sword Spirit), he despises Mighty Bubbles and his friends. With their glare, he was in check everyday.

Known Aliases

Stella Snowanna calls him Mighty Red.(God, No One Knows Why) Mighty Bubbles calls him Sword Spirit.(Total Reference There, In Angry Birds Epic, You HAVE To Hold A Sword.) Skip Calls Him ReDespair. (That Is A Nickname Gift From Skip To Evil Red. They Are Both Evil, Anyway.)

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