Fang is a male vampire bird.


Being a vampire, Fang has a variety of different powers, some that he taught himself. Most of his powers he uses for everyday life. However, if we're talking about powers for battle, he can do one thing. He turns pigs pale with his ability to suck up their blood. He can only do one at a time. His main ability doesn't turn pigs into vampires (because if that were to happen the pigs would get powers to use against the birds), but if a pig is an ally and asks politely, Fang would gladly let them become a vampire.


Fang has lived for millions of centuries in Piggy Island, more than he can even remember. Ever since he was brought into the world (unknown how and when), he's made it a tradition to come out every night, looking for a hearty dinner. He would never strike a bird, so what did he go after instead? Pigs. And since Piggy Island was full of pigs, it was like Fang hit the jackpot. Every morning there were reports of multiple pigs that looked incredibly pale. Fang didn't actually meet the birds until they spotted him in Pig City while they were investigating. And he thought, because the birds fight the pigs all the time no matter what hour it is, he would have more chances in catching some pigs, so he joined the birds, and he helps them fight the pigs every night.


Fang is usually calm most of the time, at least during the morning. The minute the sun sets behind the mountains however the team sees the true Fang. Fang seems to have a huge ego and a lot of pride in himself. This could just be from how he can effortlessly charm anyone to his side and bring them on their knees, or from how extravagant his dark powers are. He jokes around a lot with the flock, like pretending to bite them or scaring them off. But when Fang gets serious, he really gets serious. Fang only attacks the pigs at midnight, because only Knockout or an insomniac would be out that late. They’re his main food source after all, so it’s the only time Fang gets serious about doing something. Once the sun rises again, Fang heads straight back to his house to enjoy another morning of rest. Fang hardly ever gets angry, but making fun of his accent is one good way to get him to strike you like lightning.


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