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Fat Porkus
General Info
Powers Can endure 4 hits, while trying to eat everything around it.
First Level Appearance: Starboard to Snort 6-16
Gender: undead
Species: Sus Scrofa Domesticus
Locations: Starboard to Snort, Swine Trees, The Pork Turn, and Pig Tavern
Strength: 4 HP
Size: fat


After the Porkus had been tested on a normal Minion Pig, Scientist Pig was ready to push it up a notch. He wanted to take a try with another more powerful pig, but ended up zombifiyng El Porkador instead.


Hit him on the head, his mouth can't reach up there.


Coming Soon!


  • He is actually a version of the Porkus that is more colorful
    • These are the ones that are in the Toons with Bubbles, not the ones from Angry Birds: Friends.
    • The Porkus in the game, though, is completely white.
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