The Fate Hams are a group of pigs who obtained elements of evil. The team opposes the XG Oinkers is the team of the major antagonists of Bad Piggies XG. The team purpose is to serve Darkgehen orders: which are the conquer and destruction of the world. Unlike the XG Oinkers, Their energy have been created by Whiter, who copied many data of some bird powers, before they were killed. So their energy are not related to eggssence elements.

Darkgehen is the creator of this team, this group is formed with poweful warriors that he trained over the years, with a total number of 10 members:

The Fate Ham members Roles Element Portrait
Whiter Leader of the group (after coming back to Darkgehen's lair) Darkness / LUNACY "Lunacy is better than Insanity !"
Whiter XG
Whirlpunk Punk Air + Speed / MAYHEM "Punking everything around !"
WhirlPunk XG
Sharkspine Scout Water / SLAUGHTER "I'll rip you to shreds !"
Sharkspine XG
Crawla Ambusher Poison / MISERY "You're Ssso weak and ssso foolisssh !"
Crawla XG
Sr.Subtle Illusionist Psychic / FEAR "I'll eject your world, and i'll reject my own !"
Subtle XG2
Morai Strategem Light / CALAMITY "I have orders to defeat you if you showed up."
Morai XG2
Blastshot Mechanic Steel / STRIKE "Your success against me is less but a mere 15 %."
Blastshot XG2

Berseker / 2nd in command.

Ground / DISRUPTION "Prepare for extermination !."
Deathscream XG2
Vane Shatter Attack Commander Sound + Time / SORROW "Every heart will be filled with my death song !"
Vane Shatter XG2
Splitchop Spy COPY / GRIEF "Let's grow the fun !" (Picture coming soon)
The Team has been created after Whiter's defeat in 'Bad Piggies - Mission II: King Pig's Chase'. The other members of the team will be present on the sequel: "Bad Piggies XG".
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