Quotation1 A bridge between matters is what I am. Quotation2
— Figmint

Figmint is a pig character created by ButterBlaziken230. It is a hybrid between liquid and gas. He is given the name Figmint as he has a minty colour.


Figmint’s organs is kept inside of a bottle. His spirit, made up of 50% liquid and 50% gas, emerges from the bottle when awake. He has only one arm and at the end of the arm is a hook. He is about 1 meter tall.


Figmint was born as the experiment of several scientists who lived at Flockleston. One day, a minion pig accidentally got his ear stuck in a bottle. He started panicking and ran away to one of the scientist’s homes. The scientist noticed that the pig had broken down the door with sheer terror, which made him see a chance for success. He chased down the pig until he got stuck in the oven. The scientist tried blasting him with water, but that made the pig hurt more somehow. The pig escaped the oven and then he started to become consumed by the bottle. Eventually, there was nothing left other than microscopic versions of pig organs inside of a bottle.

The scientist piggy decided to blast the bottle with water again to see what happened. Nothing seemed to occur, so he heated it in a microwave. After 10 minutes, gas appeared out of the bottle, so he took it out and blasted it with more water. Eventually, the pig’s soul emerged out of the bottle and became known as Figmint.


Figmint is a very kindly fellow who has an interest in money. He opened his own corner shop where he sells goods to heroes such as the flock. Once, he was captured by a group of wizards who tried to make replicas of Figment with magic. Once freed, he became a helper to birds instead of pigs, showing his kindness with gifts. Figmint gets scared when faced with new situations, which is accurate to back when he was just a minion pig.

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