Fit For a King
Fit For a King
General Info
Release Date: September 19th 2022
Levels: 35
Episode Number: 5
Previous Episode: The Tombs of Gold
Next Episode: Piggies of The Parthenon
Game(s): Angry Birds: Through Time

Fit For a King is the fifth episode of Angry Birds: Through Time.


The curse of Tutankhamshank has been lifted, and its "home" sarcophagus was never opened again. The pigs felt like they were extremely weak, got their time machine, and travelled to England 1,100 AD. The flock seem very suspicious, as the pigs were having a load of fun, throwing tomatoes, eating food, hosting jousts, and thinking that they travelled to a colossal theme park. The birds seem to be annoyed, but Chuck saw a slingshot, so the birds can get in on the fun.

New Features

  • Tomatoes, when hit, they explode in tomato juice or ketchup, making structures weaker.
  • Head Slicing Tortute Device, when hit, they destroy almost everything below.
  • Horses, when hit, it will run forward, and destroys everything in its path.


  • This episode has many backgrounds.
    • From levels 1-7, it takes place in a Medieval village.
    • From levels 8-15, it takes place in a jousting arena.
    • From levels 16-25, it takes place near a castle.
    • From levels 26-35, it takes place inside a castle.
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