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Five nights at red's

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Five Nights At Red's is a Survival, Horror, Point-and-Click game. In the game, you play as Hal and try to survive five nights without getting caught by the birds.


In Five Nights At Red's, your goal is to survive from 12AM to 6AM without getting attacked by Red, Chuck, Stella, Matilda, or Golden Red.


The game consists of 7 playable nights including…

  1. Monday (Night 1)
  2. Tuesday (Night 2)
  3. Wednesday (Night 3)
  4. Thursday (Night 4)
  5. Friday (Night 5)
  6. Saturday (Night 6)
  7. Sunday (Custom Night)


The player has a power indicator at the bottom of the screen, it has five bars, so the player can have 5 things on at maximum. The ways to lose power are using the doors, lights, IPad, and fan.

Next to the bar displays the percentage of power left. This strategy may help the player,

Time Power Left
12AM 100%
1AM 83%
2AM 67%
3AM 50%
4AM 33%
5AM 17%
6AM 0%

6th and 7th Night[]

After beating the 5th night, the player will earn a 6th night. The 6th night is the 2nd hardest night, right after is 20/20/20/20 Mode, which is actually, the most hardest night. If the player beats the 5th night, they'll get a star on the main menu. If the player beats 6th night, they get a 2nd star. If they beat the 7th night, they get the 3rd and final star. However, to get the third star, the player must beat 20/20/20/20 Mode.

This is how the A.I level goes,

A.I. Level Difficulty
0-2 Easy
3-6 Medium
7-12 Hard
13-20 Extreme



  • At most times, the animatronics sing "Bite of '87" This is actually an event at the restaurant.