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Fizzy Ocean is the newest episode in Angry Birds Food Bash!. It contains new soda physics. There is also a new item, Mentos, which explode on contact with soda.
Fizzy Ocean
Fizzy ocean episode icon
General Info
Release Date: Unknown
Levels: ?
Episode Number: 18
Previous Episode: Red eggs & ham
Next Episode: Cheeseburger World
Game(s): Angry Birds Food Bash!


The piggies run with the stolen eggs but accidentaly fall down from a rock candy cliff and fall into an ocean of Cola, Grape, and Orange soda. The birds who chased them fell into the same trap and saw the piggies hiding in cake islands. Chuck threw a Mento at the pigs, and the pigs exploded. Will the birds get their eggs back with this new weapon?

Soda physics

The Soda Physics is similar to water physics but instead, soda bubbles can trap the birds. It can also dissolve pigs, glass, and wood, but very, very slowly.


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