Flocked Up Nerds official poster
General Info
Release Date: September 18, 2016
Movie Length: ????
Starring: ????
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $20,000
Box Office: $3,000

Flocked Up Nerds: the Movie?!?! is a 2016 film based on the game of the same name. The film released in September 18, 2016 by Universal Pictures, was panned by critics and by United International Pictures in other countries and territories with a PG rating.


Clyde "Feathers" Dickson is a bird with a summer job at The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) store in Los Angeles, California. Joined by him are 3 other cashiers - Feana, Goliath, and LoophaBob.

As the group of cashiers talk about each others' lives, Feathers talks about how he fought a waitress, because he could not pay for his meal - and won.

Feathers has a hard time working, as he complains about his job. He even explains "I'm better off working at Target..." Once the shop closes, they head home. Feathers goes on his Gateway 2000 computer, and finds news about a company called Big Pig Enterprises.

Feathers does not know what may come of their new visitors, but he and the others get excited. As time goes by, the city of Los Angeles plan a party for the new visitors. Once they arrive, however, the party of A&P cashiers notice they act really suspicious.

Despite this, they try to act natural towards the gang of pigs. The pigs then go on to perform a concert to distract the citizens from the truth.

That night, the team decides to go undercover. The see a lot of the pigs wearing black hoodies to blend in with the night, walking to the recently built Big Pig Enterprises building. The team of nerds sneak out of their beds and walk over to the building. They find out that they are planning to bulldoze the city and build an empire.

They go out to find the American Eagle, to help them stop the pigs. Once they find him, however, they realize that he has gained a lot of weight, and they have to carry him over to where they just were.

They find out they are relocating to Boston, and build a boat.

Once they arrive in Beantown, they discuss how to destroy the building, and settle on using a slingshot. Feana takes the first shot, and successfully takes them down- with the power of rock.

Feathers finally fires himself into the building to take them down. After searching for ways to take it down, he finds a huge stash of nukes as well as a candle, so he takes the candle, throws it towards the nukes, and the building explodes.

Once the building is down, the gang meet at a local 7-Eleven, and they make jokes about how the pigs failed.



Limestone Entertainment announced that a film based on the game would release in the September of 2016.


Critical response

Flocked Up Nerds: The Movie was widely panned. Rotten Tomatoes says that 12% of people gave the film a positive review, and saying that "Flocked Up Nerds is nothing more than a cash grab set to appeal to kids of the 90's."

CinemaScore gave the film an "F" rating.

Box office

Along with the negative reviews, it was a box office disappointment. It only grossed $3,000,000 on a $20,000,000 budget.

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