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Basic Info[]



Flokk Flag

Official flag since 2007.


Flokk Map


New Shanghai

5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Quix - Pop. 1,783,012
  2. New Shanghai - Pop. 1,402,465
  3. Moonlight Lantern - Pop. 827,743
  4. Chen - Pop. 694,890
  5. Seaboard City - Pop. 471,502




289,109 (Mi2)
748,789 (Km2)

Official Language

English Language, Spanish Language, Japanese Language, Russian Language, Swahili Language


Constitutional Democracy, Capitalist


Squealins L. Sproinkenpig

National Anthem

File:Everything Is AWESOME!!!.ogg

The Official Republic of Flokk is a country in Piggy Planet which is inhabited by birds, pigs, and some humans. Flokk is in the Northern Hemisphere of Piggy Planet. Its population was 7,263,508 as of January 2014. Presidential elections are held every 7 years, so the first 2 elections were in 1969 (not 1962 because NASA already assigned a leader for the colony) and 1976.


The country's official currency is a towie (pronounced daoo-ee). One towie is equivalent to 1.2 US Dollars. It used to be worth 4.7 US Dollars, but the value of a towie fell in the stock market crash in 1993. There are also centitowies, which are worth 0.01 towies. The official symbol for a towie looks like this:



Settlement and Pre-Cheunaso War[]

Following the launch to Piggania, NASA launched a craft with many intellegent birds, pigs, and humans in 1962. They touched down in uncolonized land. When US President John Kennedy was assasinated, all the inhabitants mourned by building a memorial in New Shanghai. New Shanghai was not the capital back then: until 1973, the capital was Chickopolis.

Cheunaso War[]

In 1974, the pigs in Piggania declared war. Aware of the raging Cheunaso War, Flokk decided to stay neutral and wait out the dispute. The pigs tried to launch a missile onto Seaboard City, but the pigs were defeated by the birds before that happened.

Post-Cheunaso War[]

In 1976, the Cheunaso War was over. Now that there was peace on Piggy Planet, the government could focus on other things. Everything went smoothly: presidents were elected, cities grew, and Flokk prospered. But in 1993, the banks started failing. The stock market crashed, and many birds, pigs, and people lost their jobs. The value of the towie fell to 1.2 US Dollars. Fortunately, in 1996, the construction of tall buildings boosted the economy, and the stock market bcame stable. Today, Chen is the technology capital of Piggy Planet. Piggania has established many connections with Flokk, such as trading, cultural diffusion, etc. Also, the Flokkese branch of Absolute Zero Productions opened in Moonlight Lantern.

Saving Earth Species[]

In 2013, the United States government began to become concerned about critically endangered species. NASA decided to send some of these species to Flokk. Oahu tree snails were taken to the tropical islands in southern Flokk (the islands where Chen is), giant sea basses were taken to the waters around these islands, beluga whales (not threatened much, but just to be on the safe side) were introduced to the northern waters, and Guam Rails were taken to Porkadus Island (the island Chen is on). Pretty soon, these species were thriving in their new habitat. Some scientists stayed behind when the capsule returned to Earth so that they could study the recovery of these species.


States & Territories[]

Flokk is not divided into any states or territories. Talks about this have risen since 2010, but so far it has not happened.

Dragon River[]

The Dragon River is the only river in Flokk. The city of Eggsa is very close to the Dragon River. The Dragon River is divided into 4 tributaries that divide into more tributaries, and opens at the Dragon River Delta. The dragon River earned its name because the 4 main tributaries look like legs and the Dragon River Delta looks like the head.

Mount Fuse[]

Mount Fuse is a dormant volcano in Flokk. Chickopolis is at the foot of Mt. Fuse, making it very vulnerable to an eruption. This is part of the reason they moved the captial to New Shanghai.

Feather Strait[]

The Feather strait is the strait between Flokk and Piggania, as shown on the map. Many cities have been estblished on both sides of the strait. Ferry rides across the strait are available for either 15 towies or 15 eggos.



There is no main religion in Flokk, but the most common are Roman Catholic and Unitarian Universalism. The biggest cathedral in Flokk is Egg Cathedral in Quix, built in 2003.


Flokkese cuisines often consist of worms and seeds, although some birds eat human food. The most common humman foods are chocolate, chesseburgers, and sushi. Most foods are adopted from Europe, but the human food is all over the country. Flokk's signature dish is banitoque, which is Alaskan salmon topped with seeds and canola oil. Banitoque is mainy eaten in the area around the Dragon River. Florogies are also popular, which are perogies with celery on it, sometimes topped with chocolate hazelnut spread. Florogies are eaten island-wide, most popular in the area around New Shanghai. Quix is the largest producer of spaghetti in Flokk.


Since colonization, there have been many great writers, such as Jason Brown, famous for his book How to Become Popular Without Really Trying. Most literature was adopted from Canada and Russia,  but most large nations have their influence in the writing. Perhaps the most popular book in Flokk is The Lego Novel by Ben Raskob. The Lego Novel was so popular that it was developed into its own film in 2014.

Comic books and manga are popular in Flokk. Like in Piggania, Super Birdman and Diary of a Wimpy Pig are popular. Flokk also produces the comic line Big Bluejay. Marvel comics have found big hits all over the island, and so have Angry Birds Comics.


The popular architecture in Flokk is Art-Deco. In 2012, the construction of a 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower replica was completed. Modern architecture was carried out in June 2013, with mass construction even more than the Art-Deco boom in 1996. The Slingshot Building in Moonlight Lantern is the tallest building on Piggy Planet.


Golf is popular in Chen and Chickopolis, where you can see a bunch of courses. The main and national sport is curling. Curling stadiums are everywhere north of Moonlight Lantern, and there's a gigantic stadium in New Shanghai, called the Mega Stone. The Mega Stone is actually shaped like a curling stone!


Gambling is legal in parts of Flokk. Seaboard City is in one of these areas and has been nicknamed the "Las Vegas of Piggy Planet."