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General Info
Powers Various
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Gender: Male
Species: Food-based Expiremental Bird
Locations: Angry Birds Retribution
Strength: Very Strong
Size: Normal

Birdger, The Food Bird is a bird that will be appearing in Angry Birds Retribution. He is one of the three birds based on food, but he is the most powerful amonst the three food-based birds.


Everything about Birdger is about food. His body frame is based on a chickenburger. On the chickenburger is his face. His feathers on the top of his head are made of corn, and a recent update in his appearance shows that he now has tail feathers made from minced beef.

Powers And Abilities[]

He has multiple abilities which can be used seperately. He can either fire french fries and explosive mozarella sticks from a cylinder-shaped sandwitch or slice pigs with his long chicken club with an asparagus stick with a tiny, but lethal, chili spike. And when upgraded, can summon various types of food and dipping sauces raining down the sky after every level he's used in.