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Mustache Pig
Pig Header
Abilities None
First Appearance Poached Eggs 2-21
Gender Male
Species Pigs
Locations Bird Island
Strength Weak
Size Large


Foreman Pig (also known as the Moustache Pig) is a species of Pig in the Angry Birds series. He is considered the right-hand-pig to the King Pig, and is the second strongest of all the Pigs in the game. In Angry Birds Toons, there is only one Foreman Pig, while in the game, there are several Foreman Pigs. They first appear at the end of World 2, where a single Foreman Pig appears as the main enemy of Poached Eggs 2-21. Following the defeat of the first Foreman Pig, they are more commonly seen.


Foreman Pig is a green round pig with red thick brow and mustache and black eyes. He also has wrinkles in each sides. In his earlier in-game appearance, his brow are white to make him much older.

In Angry Birds Toons until Angry Birds Epic, Foreman Pig appears as an old but chubby pig and his skin is darker. His eyes are heterochromia which has blue eye on the right while black on the left. His right blue eye appear to have a cataract eye.

In the film version, Foreman Pig appears as a green anthropomorphic pig with an older and middle aged appearance and is based on his game counterpart. His outfit has him wearing a construction gear similar to his role in the Big Setup and has a hammer and a wrench on his utility belt.


"The Foreman Pig is a wonk. He is a dedicated and responsible person who values order, discipline, and following the rules. He is admirably persistent, and he always deliver what he promise."

However, before he could press the button to lower the eggs into the cauldron, Red and Mighty Eagle, the leaders of the Angry Birds' ongoing assault on Pig City, storm into the hall to stop the eggs from being cooked. Red kicks the Foreman Pig through a window to stop him from using the remote, presumably killing him.


  • A strong Red Bird is enough to pop the Foreman Pig in one shot, but it has to come from a great distance. Also, popping the Moustache Pig with a Red Bird will weaken the velocity of the Red Bird greatly.
  • ChuckBombMatilda's Egg BombHal,  Terence and the inflating ability of Bubbles, and TNT can be done instantly. Also Matilda's 2nd corpse and stone will do. It should be noted that the Blue Birds should be split before hitting the Pig.
  • You can't use wood or glass because it will not work on Foreman Pigs instantly, but wood will do if hit a few times.
  • Small Pigs that collapse on him will not work as he is too strong for it.


The Crazy Query Show

In The Crazy Query Show, Foreman Pig currently only appears in Excited Flock.

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